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Why We're Different

Most for sale by owner websites are owned by individuals who are not familiar with real estate values.  They provide only a listing service and are not able to assist the homeowner in effectively pricing your home.  House-Source.Com is owned by a professional real estate appraiser.  With over 15 years appraisal experience we are knowledgeable in the property values (ie.-market value) of homes within our market.  It is very important to know the market value of your home before you offer it for sale.  

We all love our homes and have a pretty good idea of what we feel they are worth, but it is crucial to have an unbiased professional give their opinion of the true market value of the home.  If this is not done, two things can happen.  The first thing is that you can overprice your home.  If this occurs your home can stay on the market for an extended period of time and take longer to sell than it should.  The second thing that can happen is that you price your home too low and, while you do sell it quickly, you may leave money on the table.  Both of these outcomes are undesirable.  By investing a minimal amount in an appraisal (which can be rolled into the price of your home) you can be sure your asking the right price.  The ideal situation is to determine the market value, list it at this price, and sell it.

Other benefits to getting the appraisal before listing are:

  • You eliminate the wait for the buyer or their mortgage company to get the appraisal done on their own.

  • Save negotiating time by having the fair market value available.



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